Social Media Branding

McDonalds has it’s golden arches, Nike has their swoosh and “Just Do it”, Apple, Coca Cola, Ikea…all have easily identifiable, known, and meaningful brands. That being said, having a great brand is worthless if you can’t create consistency across your public facing platforms. Your brand is how people will know you, without actually knowing you, how they connect with your business, and how you can become top of mind without ever actually speaking to them.

Often times, we find that small businesses lack two things, 1.) an adequate social media presence, and 2.) consistent branding across the the social media platforms that they do have. The importance of the people searching for you, your business, and your services seeing consistent branding cannot be underestimated. Consistent branding builds trust and confidence, provides a connection to your customer before they even reach out, and, with the right about of work, make them feel like they’re apart of something great by hiring you.

Our job is to help make sure you’re optimizing your brand online. After an audit of your social media and online presence, we’ll make recommendations to help increase your brand consistency, online presence, and possibly an alteration to your brand itself. Once presented with some options, you can decide what you think would be most beneficial to your business. Your Client Success Manager will also periodically review your online presence to make sure we’re optimizing your brand on an ongoing basis.

Let's optimize your branding

Regardless of what your branding or social media requires, we can help optimize your entire brand!