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According to Hubspot, 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge. BrightTALK reports marketers spend a staggering 53% of their budget on lead generation. 80% of marketers think automation generates more leads and conversions according to APSIS. Pew Research confirms that 72% of all Americans use some type of social media daily. And finally, most businesses prefer to outsource their lead generation and focus their inside sales staff on conversions, referrals, and nurturing of existing clients.

As previously mentioned, 61% of marketers say generating leads and traffic was their biggest challenge in 2021; this number increases when focusing on small businesses who don’t have a dedicated marketing team. Not knowing how to operate the various lead generation platforms (social media, websites, etc.) was often cited as a reason for this since taking the time to learn took away from actual business activities. Other cited reasons include not knowing how or who to target their marketing to within the platform, how to budget, how to follow-up effectively with leads that were acquired, and maximizing automation in their follow-up process.

The following statistics from Truelist continue to reinforce the need and demand for companies like The Social Agent Network to bridge the gap smaller companies are experiencing:

  • In 2021, ad spend in the US reached $3.05 billion for digital lead generation and is expected to rise to $3.25 billion by the end of 2023
  • Companies only follow up on 20% of their leads
  • 40% of marketers believe their lead generation tools are outdated
  • 58% of marketers said their biggest growth-related challenge was generating leads
  • Outsourced B2B lead generation gives 43% better results than in-house lead generation
  • Only 28% of sales leaders said they are using automation for lead converting
  • Over 70% of initial prospects are not in a buying mode when they first interact with your company (this means a need for consistent, automated follow-up)
  • Companies with good lead nurturing generate 50% more leads that are sales-ready and at a 33% lower cost

Based on available information, the business community, especially small business, needs a marketing company they can outsource lead generation to. This is cheaper, more efficient, and creates better outcomes for them compared to doing it themselves. The Social Agent Network is uniquely positioned to fill this role given our systems, knowledge, and expertise in the lead generation and marketing field.

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