Lead Generation and Follow-Up


Lead generation and follow-up is our bread and butter. We’ve spent ten’s of thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop, test, refine, and implement the best lead generation and conversion across social media.

Lead generation isn’t just boosting a post, or running on a contest on your business page, it isn’t just a flashy photo or a picture of you working on your business, lead generation requires a careful balance of specific targeting of your potential customer/client base, along with images or videos designed to drive engagement, wrapped up together with ad verbiage that carefully drops call to actions that make your future customers and clients feel like they’re missing out by not contacting you.

But that’s only half the equation, once we get those leads flowing for you, what do you do with them?


That’s where the follow-up comes in and it has to be relentless. Study after study has shown that the two most important factors for converting leads to customers or clients are “speed to lead” and the number of touches, but you’re a busy business owner, how are you supposed to follow-up leads quickly, keep track of them, continue reaching out to them, and convert them into new business while managing the existing business that you have?

We aren’t one of those companies that’s just going to send you leads and then hope you do something with them, we’re going to help you establish your follow-up, automate it, and make conversions seamless, simple, and successful. We promise you’ll spend less than an hour a day following up on your leads, until you’re so busy we have to help you hire and train someone to do it for you!

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